Colour Blind

I just had two quick thoughts I needed to ink down before I bury them into the countless essays I have written but never published.  These are completely (nor are they sound) thoughts.

Two thoughts actually.

Firstly, if we are to observe what happened in SOWETO, xenophobia, it actually brings the colour of our skins into play.  A black foreigner killed (i assume, i lack the interest to find out the actual facts of the case) a local south african child and then the looting of all black foreign stores began.

If this is what black skinned south africans can do to other black skinned people; imagine what they would do to those who are not black skinned?

An extreme statement, I agree, but xenophobia is extreme irrational fear.

Secondly, collective punishment.

What justified the action by those south africans to feel it is a just response to punish a specific group of people just because one of them did wrong?

Isn't that how apartheid operated: collectively punished all of us; I would have thought this line of reasoning, would be one that every south african, especially black skinned south africans, would never use.

But, these are just thoughts — raw, I stand corrected, and I am prepared to be ridiculed.

Aluta, Continua.

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This is the same thought process I have had, with all black on black violence. How are we able to do this to each other, yet have always feared to do the same to those who are not black. Minus a few extreme cases of farm killings, most violent acts on black people are carried out by other blacks.

I need to find out how this happened, can we blame the history of black people? Isn't that history what is supposed to then make us want to be more, sort of conserve ourselves so that we can get to that place where we are really finally free.

This is an interesting thought, thanks for sharing.


Same here, I need know why it happened? What are the triggers? But more so what is the fuel?

  • lebogang
  • 18h55, Thu 29th
    Jan 2015
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