A new direction

I know it is clichéd at this time of the political season for political commentators; social experts and everybody else with a platform, like myself, to chip in their two cents of what South Africa should be.

I am here to tell you a different story. I am here to tell a story that will probably disappear into the archive of this site faster than a retweet of Paulo Echo-echo. I am here writing this to ask you a simple question that Festus asked us on that brilliant SABC1 advert:

take another look at Mzantsi.

I mean really look at it — not sure where to look, well try the Stats SA census data — start there and then take another look at it.

Does it seem like the dream that is deferred or is it true that a dream deferred becomes a nightmare?

Yes, the knee-jerk reaction is to always react to just what the numbers on that census say — but the true question is: will they change? In 10 years time will the dream still be deferred or will it still be a nightmare?

That is what I am writing about: what are we doing? But most importantly what are we asking?

Are we asking anything new or merely iterating the old ones? How are we eradicating poverty? How do we provide a better life for all?

Yes, we could vote and hope our landlords would answer that question but,

I believe a nation that fails to imagine solutions to its own problems cannot expected an elected few to come up with those solutions.

With that said, I believe we need a different type of dialogue, not a type of dialogue that assumes Mandela's magic-wand is still working; a dialogue that moves us towards realising that we are fucked; a dialogue that makes us realise that we cannot call this place home when a majority is living in abject poverty when freedom was given just 18 years ago; a dialogue that makes us realise the political system doesn't work for the majority; a dialogue that makes us realise that the ANC/DA are not what we want; a dialogue that makes us remember the opening of the freedom charter: the people shall govern;

a dialogue that makes us realise that a government is run by the people and not for the people;

a dialogue that makes us realise that our deferred dream is still a dream and we are but asleep waiting for Uhuru;

A different dialogue; a dialogue that doesn't borrow from the old broken ideas; a dialogue that carves new possibilities not only in dreaming but in action;

*I wrote this on the 16th of July, I've never gotten back to it, and I am not sure how far I think I can take it, so I'll just leave as is, your thoughts.

Aluta, Continua.

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