Narrowing Chambers

There is something wrong with social media.

But, I don't quite know exactly what. At the same time I do not think I am the only person beginning to see the devil in the tos. Anyway, let me narrate a new insight I may (or may not) have.

If we observe our evolution with respect to knowledge and how information flowed from the days of living in a cave to tweeting from space, you have to admit there has been an explosion of information and how quickly we can get access to it, digest it, transmit it, and sometimes chip in our 2¢ and push it back.

But, what we have done is push it back in one-hundred-and-forty-characters. Now imagine entering the biggest library with the largest set of knowledge on any subject and you are told, "the only thing you take cannot be longer than a tweet."

Which is what we are doing in social media — summarising our thoughts and experiences into two or three sentences, every minute, every day.

Yes, there are times when those platforms matter and serve a greater human goal. Hell, I've organised drinking sessions; picnics; meet-ups; etc.

But, thats the point. To organise something, to mobilise a people you do not need volumes of information you simply go:

we need to meet and do something or talk about something

But, to decide if something needs to be done; if people need to be mobilised more story telling is required. I doubt, there is evidence of somebody reading a tweet and then deciding they must burn a car to start a revolution. Discontent with a state, an idea or a entity, requires a lot a thought, a lot of information to acquire and digest.

Yes, you'd argue that 'feminism is for white something something' twitter treding-topic but did you notice how many tweets it took for it to have any substance? any value? Besides that, what has transpired after that? Those who retweeted and agreed did they start a movement? Did they confront their white-counter parts and address those issues raised in the 'trending-topic?

But, just maybe, the problem is that we all ignored what twitter and facebook asked asked us in the beginning:

What is happening?

I suppose also, these platforms tap on a inherent desire we have:

to be heard.

Shit. Governments have changed when a group of people felt they were not heard; scores of people have died and killed others just so they can be heard.

I guess then, I am noting a futile point.

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