Kings in Queen

I seem to have more short burst of thoughts than long narratives, and thus, I tend to wait a bit longer before I can share them, hoping they would develop into something worth writing here.

It  seem that is not going to happen. So, I have decided to share them regardless. They are tweet-size and because of that I just post them on twitter and facebook. But I have come to realise they are harder to track down, later in life, on those platforms.

With that disclaimer aside, here is a quick thought I had:

It must be odd (or paradoxical) to be gay and be in the army of a country that finds homosexuality criminal, no?

Isn't being in the army all about:

love of country and queen?


army, homosexuality

Fuck. That 'Q' in queen on the title is fucking beautiful.

  • lebogang
  • 12h17, Fri 27th
    Sep 2013

"For queen and country" lol!!

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