Third Base

I have come to terms that no-one will bat for you. Family, friends, lovers, partners, colleagues, acquaintances or distant cousins.

No-one has your back.

Everybody, including myself, is out here to get something in — I would say out, but I've also realised life is not so much about how much we can get out of it, but how much we can get in. You know, as the word goes:


What I am eluding to is that, at best your family will bat for you in the beginning because they believe you are too much of an infant to cross the road on your own, but once that is learnt, you are out on your own.

Yes, people will care about you, but not care enough to help you along. They will answer and respond to an emergency and bail you out of prison for drunk-driving but they won't bat for you. You know why?

they are on second base, you are on first — third base is more important to them than you.

Strangely, no-one can move from the first, second or third, until somebody else is batting.


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