One of my favourite movies, is possibly the worst movie ever made, according to film critics. But, it contains some of the early signs that I would find solace in buddhism.

the clouded mind sees nothing.

That was said in the film, The Shadow.  I can't remember by whom or I am too lazy to search.  The point of quoting this film is this:

I seem to have lot of thoughts going through my mind. Past, present and future thoughts on: success, failure, friends, family, lovers, business, ideas, fears, hopes, dreams, mortality, sister, mother, cousins, uncle, grandmother, aunts, work, play, travel, johannesburg, cape town, mombasa, marapyane, …, home.

This entry, however, does not qualify as an essay but more of a mark, curriculum vitae, that I feel needs to be documented, somewhere. Its implications are possibly irrelevant,

Where I am now, is not a turning point, but the precursor to decisions that need to be made.

Aluta, Continua? I don't think so.

life, thoughts
  1. , , confirm
  2. that this is my and you
  3. can find out who I am from this
  4. With that said ,
  5. is what I wanted to with you. — and yes, please