Thirty six.

I don't know about you, but when I was a child everytime I met someone over the age of thirty they looked fucking old.

But, here I am, thirty six years old — I like writing it out in words instead of numbers because it reminds me how much of life it represents.

Fuck, I am old.

For a strange reason since the 15th of July, I am a different person. I don't feel older, but I do feel I have stopped growing. You know, like, I am not just eldee, binary1 or ltdn, I am just,

lebogang nkoane.

What that means I am yet to learn but I have embodied it. It almost feels like I've spent the last 35 years shedding layers and layers —like Michelangelo— of bullshit, just to get to this, me.

What the fuck does that even mean?

Lets find out.

age, self, 36

before you know it, you will be 40, look at your niece and you will find out what it means to be this old - like you stated ", I am not just eldee, binary1 or ltdn, I am just, lebogang nkoane."

Malome lebogang nkoane, that's all you will live for until you procreate *hides


LOL! Me procreate, never.

  • lebogang
  • 08h28, Sat 03rd
    Aug 2013
  1. , , confirm
  2. that this is my and you
  3. can find out who I am from this
  4. With that said ,
  5. is what I wanted to with you. — and yes, please