Is it because of an era we live in? I mean the idea of social networks has put us closer (or granted us greater access) to those (in music, business, art, science, etc) that are successful to a point where we obsess about success.

I don't know exactly what it is but we are constantly inundated with tweets; images and status updates of how to be successful: from motivational quotes on how to keep at it, how to manage it, how to grow it, etc, ad nausea — which, if the idea of supply and demand is true, then, we can suppose:

there is a whole lot more people that can't make it and don't know how to make it — which leads me to think success is more of a fluke with no definite way to achieve it or we could be measuring it incorrectly.

But, I fear, we are neglecting the thing that counts the most — in my humble opinion


It could be because I am very familiar with it — I live it, I embody it, every single moment of my life. No, not in that, slit-my-wrist type, but,

I find failure more motivating, more inspiring — I feel more alive through it than success — success seems to breed complacency, arrogance and ignorance.

Alas, this is a thought I am still exploring — and it goes like this:

the key to success is failure.

Yes? no?

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Failure is the key to success, this I fully agree with you as I too am a product of daily failures 2007 - ( insert more years of failure to come )

"the trick is to allow your damn mind as to accept and stop following trends about successs and how to manage it because in truth we all know that they (trends ) breed shitless, spineless copy & paste mindless opinionated bloggers - so called writers or so called twelebrities of social media networks"

Alas if you are about letting people know how successful or how much money you spend do disregard this comment



  • lebogang
  • 13h12, Fri 05th
    Jul 2013

The value of successes lies in its failures. My 2c

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