Lost in transmission


I just realised social media is making me miserable — not depressed, 'coz depression is much more fun than misery, you know, at least you can be in denial about depression — whereas  misery is full frontal-1980s-nudity.

I don't think I was made for it — it could be that or that old trait I have carried over the years since the doctor said push, is returning to claim its true place in what defines me,


But, I also think it is because there is just too much I am allowed to know — my mind needs breaks from trying to know to trying to understand. Understanding takes long but with this constant feed of information flowing out the screen to #OccupyMyMind is disturbing that process.

I can't deal. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge but like everything else, knowledge is derived from a random sequence of data, which we organise into what we call information, thereafter we digest that information to formulate opinions, thoughts, ideas, ipso facto, knowledge.

With the constant feed of data, how is one ever going to get the time to know something? I mean, if you look at it, when you read an article about a night-out, political oppression or a technical review, you start at the top of the article, and read all the way down (assuming the article is still worth reading by that time), and whilst you are going down on that article you are:

  1. formulating your own ideas (opposing, supporting or neutral);
  2. each paragraph adds to influence (good or bad) of what you formulated;
  3. each sentence strengthens or weekends your opinion (or the author's);
  4. each word brings the meaning of a what is being said (or lost)
  5. your eyes and mind pick each and every letter, punctuation and spacing to bring better contextual understanding of that word.

Now translate that process onto a social media timeline? What are we to derive from that? Wait, lets not make this a collective problem, it is mine.  I have noticed many times that I tend to think more, deeper and allow more room for my opinion to shift back and forth on idea the less I engage on social media.

You'd think the opposite would be true, with clichés like information is power, or was that, knowledge is power, the latter would make more sense to me — but I digress.

Ignorance is bliss.

Oh, the irony.

Alas, its time to jump off the networks and do what I do best — engage in small doses, leave a lot of room for reflection, introspection and the beautiful art of formulating a well informed decision and not a reactionary one.

How long, will I go away for? I don't know but a half-life seems like a long enough duration. Just, for your sanity, I might randomly jump in and tweet this or that — but my off-social-media-facebook-status doesn't mean I'll be offline, I just won't be engaging through social media networks, but through other spaces.

I love this web medium: it is my bread, butter and the mother fucking knife — mosadi o tshwara thipa bogaleng, no?

Hmmm, maybe I should tweet that.

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