Little Things

I am going through a very strange mental —make that intellectual— phase. I might be shooting myself in the foot by putting publicly, but, I am starting to believe I am becoming who I was when I was a child,

a genius.

I don't quite know what that means, but I have quite a lot of short intellectual realisations, that you would call insights. Strangely they all happen when I am pouring hot water into a cup to make coffee.

I am not sure what this all means, but, there is always this:

there is a fine line between genius and madness.

I don't agree, because I think

genius is madness and there is genius in madness.

Alas, I will share all these thoughts, hopefully the walk from the kitchen to the computer wont distract me into forgetting the realisation and moving onto the next thought.


thoughts, realisation, genius
  1. , , confirm
  2. that this is my and you
  3. can find out who I am from this
  4. With that said ,
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