I was wrong

Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I had a thought, that begged me to entertain it for longer that the time it takes for to kettle to boil, which was:

what if I am wrong?

I thought about that because it wasn't specific to anything or task or prior thought I had, it just popped up and posed itself. So, I thought I about it; whilst burning the midnite oil, I thought about it.

I do, think

I was wrong.

I am not sure what exactly, but I do think, I will assume it to be true until proven to be false.  But, where I do know it is starting to feel true is with respect to how I work + play.

Generally, I work from February till end of October, then go buck-wild till the end of January. By work, I mean try to find that elusive balance between subsisting and pursuing one's goals and objectives.

I am starting to think, where I have been wrong is that, I was doing it this 'work-then-play' thing wrong,

I should infact do client work for three months (February — April) then work+play on my own ideas/projects/dreams till the following February.

Yes, I do think that makes more sense — I have lost countless amount of time and energy working on client projects for 9 months of the year; come end of October I am too exhausted to pursue my own ideas;

Besides, my ideas are fun — so we don't actually work on them, we play.

Yes, that is it.

work, play, balance
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