Yet another year

Ah, another year has begun, granting us the chance to make grand and audacious plans only to downsize them to achievable goals come September.  What is it about a new year that makes us feel as if anything is possible, and in the same breath, what is it about after July we start keeping it real and realise not everything is possible?

Most importantly, why do we rinse and repeat this process every year without fail? (oh, the irony).

Alas, like every other human, I have also set out goals, tasks, milestones and the likes that I want to achieve this year, but, the one thing I am doing different is, I am not sharing these plans with anybody except my sister. I have dubbed the public audience "Thomas", you will only see these plans come alive but never know if and when something is being planned.

I find, as older as I get, I am retreating to the boy (child) I was, very private, very secretive, very shy, very introverted. The thought of returning to that child is comforting. I miss it and it feels much more "me" than whoever I am right now.

So, as I have been saying since the first minute of January:

may the year bless you.

By that, I mean, may the time we measure a year by be enough time to achieve whatever it is you have set out to acquire, accomplish, understand, enjoy and create. Always remember this,

Acknowledge all your failures; try to understand them more than the effort you put in to celebrate your successes.

Aluta, Continua!

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