The last two days of so I have been thinking about that, Family. No, I am not broody. I doubt I would take up the chance to be a father. What I have been thinking about is my family, from my grandmother to my youngest niece.

What I have been thinking about, is how well is my family, the entire family, not just my immediate family. By well, I mean health, financially, individually and as a collective. Are we better off today than we were yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last generation?

I don't think we are. Individually we have made strides, we have achieved and have become who we aspire to be, well, closer to it than when we were after high-school.

I am trying to trace our progression from the era of my grandmother, to my mother then us. How have we improved the lives of those in the family compared to what my grandmother had to do? compared to what my mother, uncles and aunties had to do?

We haven't made live better or easier for our parents except ourselves.

See, our parents did a hell of a lot of things for their parents, that is my grandmother.  My grandmother is living a better life than before her kids; All mostly because of our parents.

But, are our parents living a better life because of us? I don't think so.

And that makes me sad. Until my mother, uncles and aunties live a better life, I am a failure. I know, we are now in-tuned to measure success from our own individual perspectives, but slowly and surely I see the wellbeing of my family being more important than my pseudo-nomadic conquests.

I suppose, aluta continua?

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