Who the fuck are you?

As crass as that title is, I needed the expletive to bring the point home. When you are thinking, there is no barring, censoring yourself — if there is, that's a pity, no-one can hear you.


who the fuck are you?

This is the question I am asking myself. Who the fuck am I? Have you explored this thought before? What was your answer? Can you define your self in one word? in one paragraph? one essay? one book? one lifetime? If you can, can you do it without including who you hope to be? Without including who you think you should be, but focus on exactly who you are right now?

I am beginning to think we are only who we want to be; who we aspire to be; who we dream of becoming. Almost as if, we are only definable for as long as we are in search of that being, that being that puts us at ease as we sleep; that being that gives us reason to wake up; That being we are only a fraction of but never being it.

I spent the later part of yesterday trying to answer that question, but I had more questions in trying to know who I am. I do not know the answer, but what I did realise is:

the frustration between where I am and who I want to be.

It is a paralysing feeling that, not torn apart, but glued together by our reality and our dreams. We are —I concluded— defined by the seams of that bond between reality and dreams. We spend all of our lives —I am generalising here, I am yet to live out all of this life— trying to merge the two.

It is like bondage, reality and dreams — to survive this reality, we need a dream, a dream powerful enough to justify why, how, when, where, who we do what we do.

Without the dream, it is impossible to answer the question. Who we are is only imagined, never truly lived.

I think.

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Honestly, I don't know who I am... I think there are more than just 2 factors in defining ones self... Your background, your family, your partner, those are other things that could articulate who you are... I myself have given up the search for who I am, what I am will show itself to me...

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  2. that this is my and you
  3. can find out who I am from this
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