Right Now

In many, mostly eastern philosophies we are constantly being told the following:

be. here. now.

Which I agree with, I too have regurgitated the same wisdom in and around essays in this book. The core of it is what a Buddha said:

if the past and the future exists, where are they?

The past doesn't exists, it only exists as a collection of events called memory.  The future will never exist, only because, we haven't live it, and when we do, the 'future' becomes the now.

I agree with that.


Not entirely.

I can only object to it by propositioning you with a scenario:

Imagine you just got hit by a bus.

At that moment, you get up and realise your predicament, that moment dictates your future and that moment was brought about by a sequence of past events.  It would be foolish not to look back and assess the events, any good analytical mind has to do that, in order to learn, and learning prepares us not to repeat the same mistakes.


at that moment you realise you got hit by the bus, the now doesn't exists, the past is relived to understand how this now is going to be and most importantly what the future nows will be.

I rest my case.

But, this is all relative, truth.

past, present, future, relative, truth

The past, the present and the future - For me all these titles are bullshit really, We as humans have not evolved past our mindsets.

We capable of great things but we lack the ability to create, most of our lives are lived in thought rather than reality.


What is reality?

*ps: if you can answer that question without thinking about what it is, then, just maybe you are right.

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