Demons are crazy

This is a quick thought that crossed my mind as I was walking downstairs to make a cup of coffee:

… something has to be said if a government, elected by the people, continiously makes the wrong decisions, which are not of the interest of the people but the state itself.

By this I mean, why is it that we (the people) have to campaign, rally, protest, just to get the state, which we elected, to do our bidding and most importantly, to stop them from doing what we don't find to be right and just?

The current things on the table are:

  1. protection of information bill
  2. occupy movement
  3. sopa

These three things are all about trying to get the state to do what is of interest to the people, but these states, the governments, are trying to push ahead with them, it makes no sense to me. I am willing to go as far as to say:

… this democracy, we have, doesn't work — it asks us to elect those who are going to represent us, but in the end, they don't represent us, and we have to keep reminding them, what is it we want from them to do.

That has to change.

What really upsets me, is the passing of the POIB and SOPA lacks the basis of logic, reason and it is unjustifiable, but these people who represent us, seem to lack the basic capability to see the flaws in these bills.  It is disturbing, it is annoying, it is dissapointing, and yet we have such a phrase as:

… political science.

Aluta, Continua.

protection of information bill, occupy movement, sopa, politics
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