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I have been thinking.

Yes, that is a rare thing to do these days.

But, I have been thinking. I have been thinking of renaming this book, or, rather, expand this book. Instead of it saying:

a collection of essays by nkoane, lebogang.

I am thinking of making it read:

… a collection of ideas, thoughts and sometimes rants.

By that, I mean, I want to change the direction of this book into more of a collective space. Asking a few people I know that would like to contribute their thoughts on, anything, less ranting though, but more 'bout ideas of the world we live in.

In a way, seeking to share and exchange the big ideas.

Why? You might ask, well here is the thing, one of the things that pisses me off — wait let me list them all first:

  1. The single narrative — through the time I spend on social-media sites, such as facebook and twitter; there is this single-narrative that comes up. They do really piss me off, because I don't belong in that 'school of thought', but that thought is peddled like weed at a ragga night. It overwhelms, it dominates, but it is not a narrative of us all, but of a few empty drums.
  2. Secondly, if the stats still stand: less than 10% of all academic knowledge in South Africa comes from black intelligentsia. Which is odd, considering most my friends hold at the least 2 degrees. Why so few?
  3. There is more ranting than there is exploration — to rant, is good at times, but ranting rarely creates new ideas or new thought patterns to entertain over a glass of wine;
  4. and second last, we just don't document the possible meanings of experiences — especially creative critique. To put this into perspective here is a simple question: what is the definition of kwaito from a purist-musical perspective?
  5. and lastly, our experiences are not only in visual format or auditory sensations but thoughts; I am of the school of thought that our thoughts are silent, only making noise in our own heads; so the new direction will involve mostly the written word— in long-form, which might be counter-established considering tweets and status-updates are popular — wait, isn't twitter and facebook becoming the mindlessness that TV shows were designed to put as at?
  6. oh, addendum, it won't be re-actionary; that is to say if someone calls someone by their skin-colour, we won't flood the book with our immediate reaction, we will do what they taught us in school: think, rethink it, then speak, well, write it.  Some of the things that happen become clearer a bit later, e.g: the 'celebrity' reaction to Amy Winehouse: most cursed 'drug abuse', but,  only a few weeks later it was clear it wasn't illegal drugs that contributed to her death.

In the greater scheme of things, what is driving me more towards this direction is from a quote I can't remember who said it, but I have booked-and-marked it somewhere I can't reach:

… the biggest problem in the world is that, not enough people are working on the biggest problems facing the world.

As, aloof as that might sound, here is a question I have been asking myself since I learnt to be non-violent:

Why can't we just get along? Why are we striving for peace, if indeed we are inherently all good? Shouldn't it be harder to be in conflict than it is to be at peace?

I think it is a simple enough idea — just to so you know, what YG&B won't be about:

  1. it is not thought-leadership; I believe that concept got derailed as soon as Mail&Gurdian started pushing it — I am yet to read an entire Thought-Leader blog post; nothing new but mostly baseless opinions; behind-the-phone-screen made philosophers with no authority on the subject matter;
  2. Secondly, which will be good — it won't be so 'self-serving'; a broad perspective on this world, will be good, in allowing at the very least, an opportunity for me to gain new perspectives;
  3. The topics will be varied, but they will be centred in and around obscure not-so-popular topics such as life, science, philosophy, art, music and maybe design: what does it all mean for the 7 billion minds on this rock?
  4. I will be looking for people with a keen sense of cerebration — that is to say, those of us who read between the lines and continuously doubt our own conclusions of the truth that lies within those, sniffed, lines.

I will also have to rethink the Black in YG&B, I think — although, I would quite like to keep the irony of it, yé? That should raise some eyebrows.

Alas, what do you think? Is it an idea worth doing?

Silence, means consent.

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What is wrong with the society we live in - said Cornelius Castoriadis - is that it stopped questioning itself. This is a kind of society which no longer recognizes any alternative to itself and thereby feels absolved from the duty to examine, demonstrate, justify (let alone prove) the validity of its outspoken and tacit assumptions." — Zygmunt Bauman ( )

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Keep the name and I'm in agreement as well.

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