Hey! Hey!


I haven't burnt a pixel into this screen in a long time huh?  I have had a lot to think, digest, re-think, regurgitate, but I thought I'd spare you the ramblings of a man about to lose his mind.


… I could say I have lost my mind, but

You know what they say,

… if you lose your mind, you are not capable of acknowledging that indeed you have lost your mind.

Speaking of losing my mind, an old friend used to say,

I think I have lost my mind, which is a good thing, 'coz I saw it coming.”

I will miss her — she should be somewhere in the land of the free, by now.

Ah, well —

this is just a hello from this side of the monitor to your side.


hello, mind, loss

Hello, to you too :)

( Er, ... I lose my mind about six times a day, that there is a sign of a mind that's put to use. You can never lose something that's forever in one place )



  • lebogang
  • 02h39, Tue 16th
    Aug 2011
  1. , , confirm
  2. that this is my and you
  3. can find out who I am from this
  4. With that said ,
  5. is what I wanted to with you. — and yes, please