Forgive & Forget

I don't recall a time ever using this phrase.  Something about it, is a logical fallacy, and I think only now do I actually have a justifiable reason.  Before, I get into that here is a thought:

… do you ever feel the answer to a problem but can't express it in any way, shape or form?

What does is it actually mean to forgive and forget? I suppose, either way you cut it, it generally has to do with forgiving somebody/thing who/that did you wrong, and to also forget what they/it did to you.

See, you can sense what is wrong in that already, right?

If you are to forget, then how do you know what is it you had forgiven? If you are to forgive, what are you forgiving?

I suppose my argument is, it is not possible to forgive and forget. Forgiveness is routed in memory, to forget is to fail to recall what, already, is in memory.

Yeah, I know what you thinking, it's a figure of speech. That is true, but it does not make sense to use a figure of speech that does not make sense, anymore.

There was a day, I was trying to get my brother to hurry up and shouted:

Yo! Hurry up, you dress like a girl.

My mother heard that — we never went anywhere — I got a 4 hour long speech 'bout feminism, women, empowerment, equality, stereotyping and freedom.

It is a false figure of speech.

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