Work, what work?


I haven't worked an inch since last week Saturday.  I wanted to work, until Monday morning, and we lost all drive.

It is a strange thing to be in --- when you have nothing to do --- well, I have something (lots of work) to do, but I am not doing any of it.

Strange feeling I tell you --- in fact not doing anything is mutha-effin' boring.  Well, at least the Affirmative/Shopping helped out, I've been watching tv series, and movies and stuff.

You know, last week I was offline for the entire week --- I come back this week, and I find the whole experience of being online, rather boring, almost as if nobody is saying anything worth knowing; well, there are some stella content that pops up now and then, but most of the time, its just plain on mundane boring ish.

You know, you'd think by being online people will be more open to madness (virtual identity and all) ---

maybe that's what this (web2.0/social/networking) revolution is taking away: anonymity ---

Yo! in my time my online 'buddies' I didn't know, I had never met in person, so I could be whomever I wanted, but now, 60-70% of all buddies/contacts/friends on any social netowrk I know, that sucks, I can't lie about ish, fuck truth is over rated --- lie, lie, lie, lie!

okay, this ranting is a lot o' work --- I go back and do nothing.

1ove, sloth.

sloth, sin, virtual, anonymity, rant, lies


  • dneo
  • 04h00, Fri 12th
    Jun 2009
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