quick (fearful) thoughts

I promise, they are going to be short, quick nibbles of thoughts.

Top of the head is that, Xenophobia.  I'm not one to quickly join the ranks of the middle class and shout and dance (or rather march) about how this or that is this or that.

But, I am silently getting annoyed, but the rethoric doing the rounds --- the porpular one is:

South Africans are quick to forget that the greater Africa helped them in their plight against Apartheid.

Hmmm, I think this argument is flawed in many respects:

  1. how many South africans have looked for better jobs outside of South Africa?
  2. how many South Africans have been exiled into those African countries?
  3. how many South Africans during that exile seeked food, clothes, housing, policing from the 'master of the house'?
  4. how many of those African states were colluding with the Apartheid Regime to do damage to the ANC during those times they provided accomodation?
  5. how many South Africans were or are members of the ANC, especially during those times?
  6. how many South Africans in those African states could engage in business during those days of exile?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for human rights -- but I think to use this argument to demand South Africa to return a favour is silly, yes, you can demand the ANC to return the favour not the entire god dam country, last time I checked not all South Africans were running into the African states for 'protection' --- hell UK/U.S.S.R/US, North & South Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Cuba, France might as well demand that South Africa return the favour for 'services' rendered.

I thought, these African states, did all of that out of the goodness of their heart, not rendering a (billable) service?

Okay, my quick bits are not short. (LOL - private joke)

Another thing, just so you know, I was one of the exiled 'people' that were granted this incalculated favour of being allocated land to settle in --- as long as we (speaking in the collective sense of the ANC):

  1. build the roads ourselves
  2. laid down the sewage network
  3. build the schools (primary and secondary) and education system
  4. seek other coutries for food and clothes
  5. implemented our own agricultural infrastructure
  6. managed our own police system
  7. built, manage our own hostpital and open it up to the locals to have access to it
  8. come repartriation we would donate of all it intact back to host country

Look, I ain't bitching, but I'm saying, these are some of the things the people who push the argument of 'we owe our African brothers and sisters' choose to neglect or not be aware of.

In short simple english, we can thank our African brothers and sisters for providing us with land where we can operate from, but that was it.

and I pretty dam sure South Africa right now is providing over and above the 'the due favour', but such is the value we found in them helping us out.

But, to demand the hand tha feeds you more than just the arm, is way too silly.

These are my thoughts, they do not justify the actions of those that carried out the 'attacks' --- I'm just saying:

since when does making somebody feel guilty ever achieved anything? especially if the 'facts' of the guilt are not, entirely, true?

and yep, that's the quicky for the day.  I've been avoiding this Xenophobia talk, because well, there isn't debate, but rather rethoric.

As things are right now, South Africa is providing a hell of a lot of assistance to those displaced, even though South Africa itself lacks the capaticy to provide the same services and protection to its own people, and that is my bone of contention --- but, that I will meditate on, for bit.

ps: the firefox spell checker don't want to work, so I apologise, in retrospect, for the spelling errors.

till next round of quickies.

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sir your arguments offend on very many levels - i wonder if theres actually a point in responding, but i'll go ahead anyway - aw forget it....

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